We believe that investment in water treatment is a driver of growth and key to poverty reduction.

Our purpose is providing best quality water treatment equipment and systems to as many regions as possible. This way we aim to help communities gain access to the clean water supply which is vital for their livelihoods and health. We also work towards helping industries make better use of their water through reuse projects.

We envision a world where clean water is not a luxury but accessible to all. Therefore, we give priority to desalination projects in the water-scarce regions of Asia and Middle-East. We also do wastewater reuse projects, which are required to protect biological diversity.

Our priority is to increase our activities and visibility in the Middle East, Africa, and Eurasia.

Our goals:

  • Discovering new markets and their potentials which has been critical to our sustainable development in the last 25 years;
  • Closing the technology divide between developing and developed world regarding treatment systems;
  • Increasing the number of projects that we collaborate with transnational institutions and civil society actors;
  • Delivering best quality equipment to our customers in vulnerable geographies to diminish the effects of climate change;
  • Learning about new technologies in water treatment and wastewater management.