Aquamatch designed, manufactured, and installed Turkey’s oldest large-scale industrial seawater desalination complex in 2007. The project encompassed the Turnkey design of the initial phase, boasting a daily capacity of 4,800 m³. Subsequently, the second phase was implemented in 2012, with a Turnkey expansion of the plant’s capacity to 9,600 m³/day, effectively raising the total capacity to 14,400 m³/day. This advanced system utilizes ultrafiltration, seawater reverse osmosis, and second-pass reverse osmosis to treat Marmara seawater.


The construction of short term low volume Gaza seawater desalination plant has been designed, manufactured and installed by Aquamatch for the Southern Governorates of Gaza Strip in 2016. The Project is funded by EU and implemented by UNICEF. The system treats Gaza Strip seawater with multi media sand filters, chemical dosing, seawater and reverse osmosis systems with the capacity of 6000 m3/day.


The sea water treatment plant for Avşa Island in Balıkesir is designed, manufactured and installed by Aquamatch in 2010. It is the only publicly owned desalination plant in Turkey. This system treats Marmara sea water by using multimedia filters and seawater reverse osmosis with the capacity of 10008 m3/day.


The desalination plant for Aksa Acrylic has been designed, manufactured and installed by Aquamatch in 2015. The system treats Marmara Seawater through ultrafiltration, seawater reverse osmosis, pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionization with a capacity of 3216 m3/day.